COVID and Candy’s


    During all this chaos of furlough, COVID-19, vaccines, and face masks, there is one thing you can be sure of (well two actually but I’ll get to that later!) that Custom Paints by Complete Café Racer have NEW CANDYS!


    While everybody has been tucked away in their homes (Cheers Boris) Tony and the team at our workshop have been developing new colours and meticulously perfecting them (socially distanced of course), so starting from tomorrow we will be showing off each and every one of our candy’s on our Facebook and Instagram pages with our new Candy of the day post. We will of course still be showing anything we paint on both social media sites as usual, but this gives a taste of what colours we have! Fun fact – Every single one of our candy colours has been developed in house by our painter (and esteemed leader-ish), Tony.


    Now onto the other thing we should talk about…. Corona – a very underrated beer. Just kidding, it’s of course COVID-19 (we know everyone is sick of hearing about it, but this will be short, I promise). On a serious note we would like to reassure customers we are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and we continue to follow government guidance. For the moment, we still remain closed to the public however if you want to have a chat with us just give us a call (just not at the weekend, as the bosses’ daughter speaking, trust me it drives him mad!).


    So, hopefully I’ve answered all the questions you may or may not have had about our candy’s and COVID procedures, if we haven’t then read this again!





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    These wheels are for a very special project that we are building.They were blasted and powdercoated black, scotched  to form a good key and painted with one coat of our aerosol pewter silver marble and then stippled with screwed up cling film to get the randon marble pattern, After an hour or so our regal blue candy was applied 4 coats to get the nice deep blue followed by  1 half coat and 2 full coats of our “just like glass” clear

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  • Chopper tank in MEDIUM SILVER FLAKE and various CANDYS and METTALIC BLACK BASE COAT finished in our 2K CLEAR

    An interesting job to do and a bit time consuming too,the base is our medium siver flake under our “just like glass”clear just enough to cover the flake and then flatted back for the airbrush artwork and masking, 4 different candys were blended into each other over the flake,the masking was removed and then the candy area was masked to allow for the metallic black base to be painted. After de masking again it was all cleared using our “just like glass”clear

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  • Honda cd200 painted in our REGAL CANDY BLUE over our COARSE SILVER METALLIC BASE COAT and our 2K CLEAR

    This bike was painted in a slightly darkened with black coarse silver  metallic base and then masked up for the honda logo, chequers and web address before applying the coarse metallic silver base, de masked and 3 coats of our regal blue candy were added then topped off with our 2k clear

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  • Nice and simple MEDIUM SILVER FLAKE buried in our “JUST LIKE GLASS” CLEAR

    Nice and simple medium silver flake buried in our “just like glass” clear

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  • Ducati scrambler tank painted in our MEDIUM SILVER METALLIC BASE COAT and MATTE 2K CLEAR

    Ducati scrambler tank painted in our medium silver metallic base coat and then finished in out matte 2k clear

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  • Triumph t100 restoration using our BLACK GROUND COAT, FINE SILVER METALLIC BASE COAT & CLEAR

    This triumph was restored in our workshop and then we painted it in our black ground coat with the bottom half of the tank in our fine silver metallic base coat all finished with our “just like glass” clear

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  • Xs1100 a very simple but effective BLACK GOUND COAT under our “JUST LIKE GLASS” CLEAR

    This was a nice xs1100 that just wanted to be brought back to life with a simple paint job, that needed to be black and stand out.We painted this with our black ground cout and then cleared it with our “just like glass” clear and (unike most of our jobs) this was flatted and then polished. just look at the reflections in the paint


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    Thi was quite an involved job with quite a few processes involved.firstly everything was painted in our fine pewter pearl which was then masked off on the sides of the tank and mudguards, next was our black ground coat on the tops which was again masked off for the fine stripe around the pewter and for the chopper club logo.Our silver water based marble paint was then painted on in one good coat and then worked with cling film to get the marble effect,after a few hours of drying our candy Autumn red was painted in 3 coats,next morning it was all un masked and had many coats of our “just like glass” clear applied to get that ultra smooth line free finish


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  • Our take on the vmax anniversary paint work using BUMBLE BEE CANDY YELLOW, BLACK & WHITE GROUND COATS

    Our brief for this job was to replicate the vmax anniversary paint work but put a spin on it to make it different but recognisable.This is what we came up with, the distinctive Yamaha speed blocks in black base, outlined with white base and the super vibrant bumble bee yellow candy over our coarse silver base finished in quite a few coats of our “just like glass” clear

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  • Steel bratt tank in bare metal with our STRAIGHT TO METAL ETCH CLEAR and a distressed #71

    This steel bratt tank was taken down to bare metal and had grinding swirls added for effect before getting painted with our straight to metal etch clear, this was flatted back and a whitc circle painted, masked for the # 71 then the red painted and distressed when dry, all finished in more clear

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    This spondon was painted firstly in our coarse silver base coat then the spondon logo was masked up before tinting the coarse silver base with black to make the regal blue darker, except where the logo had been masked, candy applied then masked for the medium white pearl base over a white ground coat.finished in our “just like glass” clear for a super gloss finish


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  • Honda cb350 four painted in FINE PEWTER PEARL

    This cb350 four was pinted in our fine pewter pearl over a black ground coat, the striping was the pewter with some black added and we mixed up a red base coat for the flash, all this was finished with our “just like glass” clear


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  • Tank painted in CITRUS CANDY, FIRE RED CANDY and FINE WHITE PEARL, with a bit of artwork on the top

    This tank was painted in our coarse metallic silver base coat, the top was masked for the fire red candy,unmasked and remasked for the citrus yellow candy,once dry the fine white pearl was painted on the sides over our white ground coat. A bit of airbrush  artwork was added on the top before it was finished in our “just like glass” clear

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  • Psychedelic chop painted in MEDIUM METALFLAKE and ALL OF OUR CANDIES!

    This multi show winning bike was painted spring 2019 for a very good friend of ours,when it was explained to me what she wanted doing i wasnt too sure at first, but now the finished result has proved me wrong! (first time for everyting)

    We painted this in our medium silver flake, cleared it and flatted it back ready for the candy application, this is where it got interesting, Layla the builder and owner of this chop came into the booth and we let the paint job evolve, both of us applying and blending the candies and fine lining the top and one side of the tank as well as the rear mudguard. our “just like glass” clear was then applied to give the ultimate show bike finish.

    Unfortunately pictures do not do it justice it needs to be seen in the sun to see just how much it spakles and pops

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  • GT750 painted in our MEDIUM METALFLAKE and a special CANDY colour blend

    We painted this show winning bike in our medium metal flake with a candy colour blended to match the anodise orange allen bolts, the flames were airbrushed with an over tinned black base coat and our autumn red candy then overpainted with the orange candy and cleared with our “just like glass” clear, using a total of  7.5 litres

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  • Honda tank painted in STRIKING BLUE CANDY and FINE WHITE PEARL -look out for the honda logo

    Our customer wanted a subtle Honda logo on the side of his tank that we were painting so this is what we came up with.

    The whole tank was painted in our coarse silver metallic base and the Honda wing was masked up, we then added a couple of drops of our black base to the silver making it a shade darker,the masking was removed and the whole tank was painted with our striking blue candy -with candies being translucent the metallic and the different shades show through.This was then masked for the fine white pearl stripe over a white ground coat down the centre. The painted tank had several coats of our “just like glass” clear- the pictures show the paint un polished straight from the gun.

    You should see it in the sun it really pops and the logo can just be seen

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  • Suzuki cafe racer painted using our PEWTER PEARL MEDIUM

    This was first painted red and masked for the red lines, then our black ground coat which was masked for the black lines and text, then our medium pewter pearl was applied over the black. this was un masked and cleared with our “just like glass” 2k clear

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  • gt380 painted in our PURPLE RAIN SPARKLE CHAMELEON

    This bike was first painted in our white ground coat, the white bits were then masked and the rest was painted with our black ground coat, white was unmasked so the purple rain sparkle chameleon could be applied over both ground coats giving a sparkling flip over the black and a sparkling flipping ghost pearl effect over the white. The wheels are white ground with purple rain over the top.

    Everything was then finished in our “just like glass” 2k clear

    very simple but effective!

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