Honda tank painted in STRIKING BLUE CANDY and FINE WHITE PEARL -look out for the honda logo

Picture honda striking blue candy logo

Our customer wanted a subtle Honda logo on the side of his tank that we were painting so this is what we came up with.

The whole tank was painted in our coarse silver metallic base and the Honda wing was masked up, we then added a couple of drops of our black base to the silver making it a shade darker,the masking was removed and the whole tank was painted with our striking blue candy -with candies being translucent the metallic and the different shades show through.This was then masked for the fine white pearl stripe over a white ground coat down the centre. The painted tank had several coats of our “just like glass” clear- the pictures show the paint un polished straight from the gun.

You should see it in the sun it really pops and the logo can just be seen