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A beautiful, rose gold with pearl effect base coat.

The sample shown was painted over a white base.


Welcome to the world of pearl paints.

These paints are a base coat which have a very high pearl content and are a 3 stage paint, ground coat (either white or black as recommended -or other colours for different effects) base pearl and then clear, or can be used as a base under our candy paints for a true custom colour.

Our pearl base coats need to be mixed with our reducer at a ratio of 2 base to 1 thinners and will dry with a matte finish. Start by prepping the work in the normal way and wet flat with 800 wet and dry, do not break through the primer. Apply 2 to 3 even coats of the reduced base coat letting each one matte off before applying the next, the length of drying time will vary due to temperature, application etc.

If any fine line work is needed let it matte off and give it an hour or two first. Apply the clear coat within a 24 hour period for maximum adhesion.

Our kits comprise of the base coat, and 2k clear with hardener and enough reducer for the base.

The kit can be supplied with 1k clear if not for auto use as it is not petrol resistant. This is £6 less. Please leave a note during checkout if you want 1k clear and we will refund the amount back to you.

– we can supply different colour ground coats and different clears ie 1k or matte.


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