COVID and Candy Paint


During all this chaos of furlough, COVID-19, vaccines, and face masks, there is one thing you can be sure of (well two actually but I’ll get to that later!) that Custom Paints by Complete Café Racer have NEW CANDY PAINT!


While everybody has been tucked away in their homes (Cheers Boris) Tony and the team at our workshop have been developing new colours and meticulously perfecting them (socially distanced of course), so starting from tomorrow we will be showing off each and every one of our candy paint on our Facebook and Instagram pages with our new Candy of the day post. We will of course still be showing anything we paint on both social media sites as usual, but this gives a taste of what colours we have! Fun fact – Every single one of our candy colours has been developed in house by our painter (and esteemed leader-ish), Tony.


Now onto the other thing we should talk about…. Corona – a very underrated beer. Just kidding, it’s of course COVID-19 (we know everyone is sick of hearing about it, but this will be short, I promise). On a serious note we would like to reassure customers we are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and we continue to follow government guidance. For the moment, we still remain closed to the public however if you want to have a chat with us just give us a call (just not at the weekend, as the bosses’ daughter speaking, trust me it drives him mad!).


So, hopefully I’ve answered all the questions you may or may not have had about our candy’s and COVID procedures, if we haven’t then read this again!